Flooring Contractor

Do your floors need a face lift? We do carpet repair, cleaning, re-stretching, fix seams and more.
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Flooring Contractor

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Let Mountain Floors work on your floor installation through to completion. As a contractor, we stand behind our work.

Mountain Floors brings experience, skills and quality to every job we take on. We are a flooring contractor that you can count on for quality work matched to the specific requirements of your job. Mountain Floors handles a number of jobs, activities and problems.

Many of our clients choose to cover their floors in wood. Wood is a popular flooring choice due to its natural beauty and low maintenance. Mountain Floors works with a variety of wood species to meet our customers’ needs. Our popular choices due to quality and price are: oak, maple, and bamboo.

We are not just focused on our human customers. As a flooring contractor, we care about your pets. We have the right expertise to handle all your needs: “Don’t worry your puppy is covered by Mountain Floors” is not just our slogan, it is a rule we live by. We take it quite seriously.

When constructing a floor for pets in the home, it is very important to look at flooring options. Hardwood floors, for example, are problematic. Keep your pets’ nails trimmed since longer nails can cause scratching and damage to the hard surface. Pet urine can also cause dark spots and the hardwood to smell. A good option is vinyl flooring that is resistant to moisture and scratches.

Mountain floors takes painstaking pride on our carpet repair jobs that can make a space seem new again. We offer a number of repair services that fit every budget.

Call us for a free estimate before you start shopping for residential/commercial carpet, vinyl, ceramic tile, laminate and engineered wood.

We stand behind our flooring contractor work, and make sure our customers are involved in every step.