Carpet Cleaning

Do your floors need a face lift? We do carpet repair, cleaning, re-stretching, fix seams and more.
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Carpet Cleaning

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Mountain Floors can bring your carpets back to full vibrancy using our techniques that we have perfected during our many years of cleaning carpets. We’re simply the best carpet cleaning service in El Paso, TX. Try us out for amazing results!

Upon arrival to your home or office, our highly-trained carpet cleaning technician will remove furniture and use pads to protect it so there is little impact once the cleaning process begins. Next, we analyze your carpet and find areas that are highly-soiled and those with noticeable wear due to high-traffic. From there, we get to work on getting rid of the dirt and grime. Hard-to-get-rid of stains like blood or juice are removed at the start of the project.

Next, Mountain Floors uses powerful, top-of-the-line equipment in its carpet cleaning process. Not afraid of tackling the toughest jobs, we inject hot, soft water and a powerful cleaning solution into your carpet. A strong vacuum system takes out most of the moisture so the carpet is almost dry. Drying time is accelerated with the use of fans or air conditioning. Be sure to leave the protective pads in place until the carpet is completely dry to avoid any possible transfer of color.

Upon completion of the cleaning service, we will review our work with you for any feedback or concerns and present you with the invoice for payment.

Mountain Floors has many satisfied customers who have recommended us to their business associates, friends, and family members when they need carpets cleaned no matter what the surface or environment. Our guaranteed carpet cleaning work is sure to keep you smiling as you experience new beautification in your home or office.